Eyewear Repairs & Adjustments

Glasses repairs & adjustments - Yeppoon Optometrist

Accidents happen. Sometimes lenses pop out, screws go missing or your frames get sat on or warped. Your glasses may not even fit like they used too and may require an adjustment. Quick repairs can be undertaken on-the-spot, it will just take a few minutes to get your glasses fitting properly. Book an appointment to get your glasses repaired or adjusted today at our Yeppoon optometry clinic.

How to know if your glasses fit properly?

Your glasses should feel comfortable, to the point you'll almost forget you're wearing them. There are several things you can check to make sure your specs fit your face properly.
  • The arms (the part that rests on your ears) should feel snug, but not too tight that they dig in.
  • If your glasses cause indents on your forehead, cheeks or rub, they're so tight.
  • Glasses that slip down your noses or leave indents on the side of your nose need an adjustment.
If your glasses aren't comfortable, ask about trying some new frames. New frames can give you a completely different look.


Sue Weston, our qualified optometrists is capable of undertaking simple repairs like replacing screws or nose pads and they can often be done while you wait. More complex repairs require a little longer. We'll advise you on the length of time until your glasses are ready to be picked up. For this reason, we always recommend having a spare pair you can use for emergencies. We have a full range of spectacles and sunglasses, from budget to designer brands in-store.
Call in for an adjustment or repair and we'll also clean your lens as well, after all we're all about offering the best possible customer service. Contact us today for more information.